Saturday, September 25, 2004


Cool Hip Hop Music from King of Underground Hip Hop - LORDROC

Hottest new artist from Skygod performing live. Presenting—east coast & west coast music rap, dirty south rap, independent hip-hop rap, hardcore hip hop rap, commercial rap for international & underground hip hop fans & listeners.

Skygod as a force in hot new music, hardcore hip hop rap, west coast rap, dirty south music, dirty south rap is arranging many programs in near future for Hip Hop fans where Lordroc—too hot hip hop artist performing live with Roccolypse. The International Creative Artist has won the price at the 2nd Annual Underground Awards on Aug. 29th. 2004.

International hip hop artists & stars from Skygod are busy in preparing underground Hip Hop, east coast & west coast rap, hard core hip hop rap, reggaton, R&B Music, cool hip hop music, independent hip hop record, dirty south rap, dirty south music, east coast rap, west coast rap, hard-core hip hop rap, hot new music & Commercial Rap music releasing it’s new blasting albums presented by hot hip hop stars, international creative artist, too hot hip hop artist, international hip hop stars, international hip hop artist & dirty south artists very soon.

It was the Good night for lordroc and skygod once again at the 2nd annual underground awards on aug. 29th. 2004, at s.o.b's in Manhattan! SkyGod came home with independent hip hop record label of the year for the second time! Lordroc came home with the most original hottest new artist of the year for the second year straight. Lordroc was scheduled to perform hardcore hip hop rap but because he is not feeling well he had to depart early from the east coast music rap awards ceremony!! We apologize for that and lordroc said he will make it up to you guy's next time!

If you haven’t picked up the LORDROC "E2 TO BASS" ALBUM YOU CAN PICK IT UP ALONG WITH THE "ROCCOLYPSE" DVD OR 12", You can go to given store locations and pick it up! You can also order it online at or highlighted

Lordroc—the most popular international hip hop artist of the year preparing east coast rap, independent & international hip hop especially for hip hop fans & underground hip hop listeners.

Too hot hip hop artist, international creative artist, dirty south artist & international hip hop stars from R&B music has been making waves on the whole hip hop scene. Voted best independent record label at the 1st annual Underground Hip hop Music Awards, their artist Lordroc— the most popular international hip hop artist of the year first single from this album ROCCOLYPSE received a lot of serious backing, his video was shown in over 300 networks nationwide and he was also involved in graphic design, co-founding the world's largest aerosol art exhibit "5 POINTZ". An up tempo slices of funk that provides the backdrop needed for Lordroc—hero of R&B music, dirty south to showcase the flow style, complimented on the mic by guest MC Cerebral. An infectious beat and chorus that is certain to be a smash in the clubs & radio.

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