Tuesday, September 07, 2004


The Nuts and Bolts of Search Engine Copywriting - Visibility Factor

The Nuts and Bolts of Search Engine Copywriting - Visibility Factor: " as your site description in search results. It's also used to help summarize Web sites when the spider robots index pages. When writing your description, make it compelling and relevant so potential customers will click to your page. Copy should contain several strategic keywords from the page. Search engines supporting description tags sometimes limit copy (150 to 400 characters), so place essential copy in the first 150 characters.
Meta Keywords Tag � This tag contains the most important keywords for each page. It will be read by search engines supporting the keywords tag, which includes AltaVista, FAST AllTheWeb and Google. Engines that don't support keyword tags say they don't penalize for them (Lycos, for instance). Keyword tags help users find your pages in search engine queries. List as many keywords as possible, up to 1,000 characters including spaces. Place keywords in your tags with or without commas, it doesn't matter. Place your most important keywords first.
So there you have it, the nuts and bolts of SEM copywriting"

Search engine copywriting basics.

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