Friday, September 03, 2004


The PageRank Calculator

The PageRank Calculator

An amazing site to simulate the google page rank and understand the algorithm behind it.

Superb SEO tool for the really techie SEO Gurus

I must be missing something with the whole pagerank thing. I mean, if I go after a keyword, and I get it to the top position in the search engines, why should I care at all about the pr that is going to show in the google bar. It shouldn't matter at all, to anyone. After all, the whole point is to grab those top positions, and you can do that just fine without having high google pr.
Hi Blogger, I found your blog while searching for the latest blog news covering Page Rank, and although The PageRank Calculator isn't a perfect match to what I am looking for, I certainly like the look and feel of your blog.
Hey Blogger, Your The PageRank Calculator message is well received. I am just out searching for information on SEM and related and ended up on your blog. Although I'm not an avid "blogger", I have decided to save yours and come back since the information provided has substance.
Page Rank is the information that I was originally looking for, I do admit though, that The PageRank Calculator does in fact hold my interest just as well.... Thanks for the great post!

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