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SEO Expert: "being number one for a search phrase people are typing in 10,000 or 100,000 times each month.

That type of power will change your life�and that�s exactly the type of power you will have once you listen to and apply these techniques."

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Leveling the Search Engine Marketing Playing Field.
by: Mark Keller

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How is it that the largest auction site in the world can have listings on the search engines that are literally feeding it dynamic content from the site when what shows up when you click on the link is the site's home page?
That and a few other techniques of the trade will be discussed in this article. So if you are interested in taking your SEO or SEM for that matter, to the highest level possible join me for, "Leveling the SEM Playing Field."

There are so many different ways to go about getting higher postioning on the search engines these days that aren't discussed or are thrown out the door as they are not "White Hat" seo techniques. Why limit your self? Two colors don't make a rainbow, it is a whole spectrum of colors existing and flourishing side by side that makes the rainbow vibrant with color. So at least entertain the thought that there might actually be other ways of promoting your site while still staying ethical.

One of the more popular techniques that is catching on today is search engine cloaking. People don't understand me when I say things like, "Yes, my site delivers highly targeted material to my customers, without flooding the search engines. And yes most white hat SEO's call what I do cloaking." It is so funny especially when people complain about your high rankings to you. It almost seems more like a compliment to me, rather than the threat that it was meant to be. I just write back, "Thank you, and may your ventures in the search engine marketing marketplace be as successful as mine are." Cloaker programs have really come a long way in the last few years. They now have it down to a science so that they can track new spiders, detect new robots and redirect users to the page that the webmaster intends for the user to see. But the part of search engine cloaking that I don't get is the fact that you can outsmart a robot, but you can't outsmart a person, client, or potential customer, and if you could fool people into coming to your website over a more relevent one then where are the ethics in that?

My cloaking days are over now and I began a new software company called UltraRanker. Our Mission in life is 'To Change How People Do Search Engine Marketing Forever.' It may sound like a joke, but after working for search engine optimization companies for minimum wage, and watching them pull in truckloads of cash I decided it was time to start off on my own. I noticed that there was always two major factors that set people back when making it on the search engines. One was content,
and the other was delivery. If you have been in the SEO business for long you have probably heard the phrase, "Content, Content, Content WE NEED MORE CONTENT," over and over again. So I decided to make a program that was content rich, but at the same time delivered the content in a way like no other search engine optimization program had done, or at least none that was released to the public thus far.

Using unheard of methods, my company is releasing a new product on the market that is going to revolutionize the way people think about SEO or SEM for that matter. It is going to blow the market away with relevant content relating to your site, that is user friendly, highly customizable and niche based. Also the gang buster is this: Whenever you search for something on Google, Yahoo!, or MSN you only get static results right? Well what if you had the software to be able to produce dynamic results each time one of your keywords was searched for, in the description of your site link in google? Impossible? I think not...

Ultra Ranker is proprietary software that delivers highly targeted content to the search engines themselves, while they index your site. So you have a real content rich site but would like for people to goto your main page as opposed to the very back of your site. No problem. This software is equipped to deliver content from throughout your site directly to the main page, without using the common mistake of cloaking. Our software is a fine tuned beast for delivering ONLY relevent content and filters out all the un-needed stuff.

You really have to try this out for your self, you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your sites rankings. It is turbo fuel for any SEO campaign, whether you are managing a 10,000 page site or a one page wonder that is exploding with potential and just needs more content to get high rankings. We are extremely proud of this software and hope that you get the chance to enjoy it as much as we have had making it. It really has been a blast. May a rainbow of light fill your darkest Search Engine Optimization hour.

Mark Keller - CEO - - Offers Private Consultant for SEO and SEM Campaign. Stop on by.

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