Wednesday, September 01, 2004


Skygod Entertainment announce new series of links for their Hip Hop fans

Skygod Entertainment as a force in the Underground Hip Hop, Commercial Rap, east coast Rap, dirty south, west coast, international hip hop, reggaton, hot new music, hard-core hip hop rap, R&B music, independent hip hop, LORDROC, Roccolypse, TOO HOT, independent hip-hop, skygod ent., Hot new artists, east coast rap, west coast rap industry releasing it’s new blasting album LORDROC "E2 to BASS" presented by underground hip hop winner LORDROC at underground hip hop contest. "Lordroc the king of ungerground hip hop impressed alot on the skygod compilation released earlier and continues his impressive run here. This is very NYC-centric but don't let that stop you. Lordroc is steeped in the sound of Queens and you can imagine hearing him on Flex or West Wood or something.", SkyGod has created notoriety in the Hip Hop underworld circuit with its musical releases & artists' achievements. Now we are ready to conquer the world! By releasing new albums “TOO HOT” & ”E2 to Bass”,htm.htm

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