Saturday, October 30, 2004


Rewards of Outsourcing to Inkorus

Rewards of Outsourcing to Inkorus
1. Free core resources and Focus on core business
2. Respond faster to market opportunities
3. Lower costs
4. Flexible Resource Pool
Nearly nine out of ten software companies surveyed are offshoring today or will be in the next year. Only 4% of those offshored showed dissatisfaction with their offshoring initiative.
Inkorus offers the following:
Breakthrough thinking
Client service
Inkorus is a company with a can-do attitude.Inkorus-being an entrepreneurial company itself-understands what an entrepreneurial company is. When Inkorus gives a man-month, we give a man for a month and not charge you for a month's time of a man (i.e. 5 days a week for 4 weeks and overtime if more time is required.) Inkorus's team is fully dedicated to technology and committed to the client.Inkorus understands the ups and downs and urgency and deadlines of an entrepreneurial company. Cultural fit: since the entrepreneurial company also works day and night.
Software Development Life-Cycle is fine and we follow it. But the practical aspects of working with the client in undefined , unpredictable & turbulent situations is what makes Inkorus different.

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