Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Offshore J2EE Solutions Development

Offshore J2EE Solutions Development

INKORUS provides global offshore J2EE development and dedicated outsourcing services.Java 2 Enterprise Edition- A Multi-Tier Middleware Technology Platform
J2EE is a platform introduced by Sun Microsystems that allows you to develop robust and scalable applications. J2EE is a mix of server side java based technologies and is intended for middleware platform.

J2EE Software SolutionsThe J2EE platform offers:

· A multi-tiered distributed application model
· The ability to reuse components
· Integrated Extensible Markup Language (XML)-based data interchange
· A unified security model
· Flexible transaction control.

Not only can you deliver innovative customer solutions to market faster than ever, but your platform-independent J2EE component-based solutions are not tied to the products and application programming interfaces (APIs) of any one vendor. Vendors and customers enjoy the freedom to choose the products and components that best meet their business and technological requirements.

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