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Real Estate Web Design: RealEZ Customization Services

Real Estate Web Design: RealEZ Customization Services

Inkorus has been providing Real Estate Software Development services for its customers across the globe from its offices in India, Korea, US & UK. Our staff has gained strong experience in handling all major programming languages & technologies. Inkorus aims to provide the best Real Estate software development services that deliver robust, scalable, and cost-effective software solutions. We emphasize meeting the unique business needs of our customers.

Our RealEZ-the Real Estate Web Software Customization Methodology
@ Inkorus Solutions, a standardized RealEZ-the real estate web software customization methodology helps us to provide very cost-effective & efficient Real Estate Solutions.
RealEZ-the real estate web software is organized intelligently with versions allowing for future growth. You can integrate new version easily to existing version time to time. All the RealEZ versions offer plug and play convenience. But even if you require a customized module for a specific business need, the RealEZ engineers & real estate experts can accommodate your request. Their technological depth & domain (real estate) experience enabled them to understand client's position & specific request which further help them to customize the software according to need.

If you have specific need according to your business methodology, please feel free to fill the following form.

The following will give a better understanding of the sameā€¦.

Understanding Client's Requirements & Information Gathering

Prepare Technical Architecture

Confirmation from the Client's end

Incremental Development

Delivery & Continuous Support

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