Sunday, December 05, 2004


RSS Resources

RSS Resources: "Website Aggregators
Applications that bring together RSS feeds on your own web site
Rippy the Aggregator - PHP-based system for aggregating feeds
Web-Based Aggregators
Web pages you can visit that pull together RSS feeds from other web pages.
fyuze - Aggregator with lots of customization options
Meerkat - A technology-oriented RSS syndicator from O'Reilly.
Moreover - Syndicator with many RSS feeds.
NewsIsFree - A 'Personal Newsportal'
Snarf - RSS aggregator that runs in the IE Search pane
Syndic8 - Site collecting RSS feeds and evangelizing the use of RSS
xmlTree - Syndicator with many RSS feeds. "

Read about Website Aggregators and Web-based Aggregators here.

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