Wednesday, March 16, 2005


MathMagical-SEO the Search Engine Optimization Company launched a website

MathMagical-SEO the Search Engine Optimization Company launched a website

MathMagical-SEO—the New York based Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing & Fundamental Marketing consulting Company launched a website to their esteemed clients

Inkorus—The leading New York based Offshore Software Development, Offshore Application Development & Consulting organization & MathMagical-SEO have launched the website for providing Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing & Fundamental Marketing services information and technical support to their worldwide Customers and Partners of MathMagical-SEO.

MathMagical SEO Consultants had served their Search Engine Optimization & Internet Marketing services to many clients from Music & Entertainment, Retail & Fashion and Business & Technology industries. MathMagical-SEO provides following services:

SEOEvolve™-Natural Search Engine optimization
iTrafficBuilder™-Sustained Traffic Building Service
iTrafficBooster™-Quick results media-based marketing communications boosting service
iBranding-Internet Branding & Public Relations services that help you create and establish a corporate or offerings brand on the Internet.
WebDiagnosis-Entry-Level Diagnosis services that review the existing Internet Marketing status of your website and of the brand
WebTrafficAnalytics™-Dig-Deep Traffic Analytics service
Internet Corporate Presence

Dr Vikas V. Gupta, President of MathMagical-SEO & CEO of Inkorus—Offshore Application Development & Consulting Company says “With the success of our Search Engine Optimization & Fundamental Marketing Consulting services in different industries such as Music & Entertainment, Retail & Fashion and Business & Technology this is the right time to launch the website & globalize the services & provide better customer support”. Our business objective is to create the clients Corporate Image, Positioning and Brand Awareness on the web & increased the high quality traffic to the customer’s website by providing highly-focused & state-of-the-art search Engine Optimization services.

Dr. Vikas Gupta has been continuously monitoring the entire Search engine Optimization & Marketing Consulting activities, guiding all the consultants time to time & directing their vast experience towards enhancement of customer ROmI (Returns on marketing Investment).

According to Dr. Jin Song, President of Inkorus-US Operations “This is an exciting time and we are glad to be able to contribute & help our clients—through unique and unusual International Guerilla Marketing techniques to build their brands & generate high-value quality traffic to their websites which results in a high conversion index—signifying increased sales & revenues. These proprietary techniques are not only as precise & rigorous as mathematics but also use such deep technology understanding that the results can only be described as magical. The results provide both online and offline brand-building and marketing & sales efforts”.

About MathMagical-SEO:

MathMagical-SEO is a New York based marketing consulting company founded by highly qualified & experienced team consisting of PhDs of top US (Ivy Leagues), Internet Marketing Analysts who are MBAs from renowned management institutes & Corporate Communication Experts from top Indian Universities (IITs & RECs). MathMagical-SEO has grown to serve Search Engine Optimization, Internet marketing & Fundamental Consulting services to their esteemed clients.

MathMagical-SEO is headquartered in New York, USA and Marketing consulting & Global Technology Centre at Pune, India plus MathMagical-SEO consultants serving their esteemed clients across several continents viz. America, Middle-East, Europe, Asia Pacific & Africa from their offices situated at USA, UK, India, Japan & Korea. For more information kindly visit

Contact Information:

Corporate Office:

Igli Filja 603, 12 W. 32nd St. New York, NY 10001
Phone: +1 (212) 629-3838
Mobile: +1 (516) 330-4487
Fax: +1 516-706-4538

Marketing Consulting & Global Technology Center:

Mathmagical Global Center,
"Mukthai" Baner Road,
Pune-411045, Maharashtra, India
Phone: +91- 20-2729 3906
Mobile: +91-9422-00-9746

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